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All specials above are for bands / labels / clubs / associations etc.. looking for custom merch.
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- You can combine
different quantities for each product (Example: x50 patches + x100 backpatches + x500 buttons)

- NO minimum quantity per design! You can combine different designs in the same order. (Example x10 patches design1.jpg ; x10 patches design2.jpg ; x10 patches design3.jpg and so on...)  PLEASE NOTE: T-Shirts MOQ per design: x50 pcs.

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- If you have in mind different quantities than those in the grid above please contact us anyway! We'll try to help you!

File requirements:

    - JPG / JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF extension in real size (example: if you want a 12cm logo printed on a cap will need to send 12cm picture)
    - Minimum resolution: Standard/Superstrip patches,buttons : 150 dpi  /  everything else : 300 dpi

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the different graphics settings in different computers or electronic devices we do not ensure the complete mapping of the real printing colors and colors displayed on your device. In any case we are never responsible for compliance with any problems of color discrepancy.


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